What are Compounded Bioidentical Hormones?

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Compounded bioidentical hormones have become increasingly used in hormone replacement therapy, and they are one of the most common treatments developed at compounding pharmacies. These hormones are designed to mimic the exact biochemical structure of the hormones that are naturally produced by the body including testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, human growth hormone, and others.

These hormone treatments produced in a sterile laboratory environment at a compound pharmacy, and when they are designed to be identical to the body’s hormones they often have fewer side effects compared to commercial hormones which can be derived from plants and other sources but are not identical to human hormones.

Many commercial hormones are synthetic

Commercial hormones are often synthetic,because drug companies are less likely to be able to patent bioidentical hormones (unless they have a unique delivery system). As a result, many of the commercial hormone treatments that are prescribed by endocrinologists are not anything like natural hormones, and may actually vary dramatically in their chemical structure.

The commercial hormone may mimic the natural hormone in some ways, but can cause severe side effects and create an unnatural response. Hormone responses involve complex biochemical pathways that have not been fully researched even for the natural hormones that the body produces, and for safety and health considerations bioidentical hormones are often preferable.

Compound pharmacies can create customized bioidentical hormone therapy plans

A main reason why physicians used compounding pharmacies to create their hormone treatments is the ability to customize the dosages and the treatment plans for each patient. Due to the variations between each individual, there is no specific hormone treatment that will work the same for every person.

The patient’s physician will typically perform hormone testing and a physical to determine what their hormone dosage should be, and the dosage as well as the route of administration can be customized at the compounding pharmacy.

Delivery systems can be controlled as well

Although this continues to be an area of continuing research, the delivery system for a bioidentical hormone treatment can be selected by the patient’s medical provider. It is thought that certain delivery methods such as transdermal creams or patches may be more (or less) effective than other delivery systems such as pills.

For example, women who need estrogen replacement therapy may benefit from using a transdermal patch, as the pill form of the hormone is thought to stimulate the proteins associated with stroke and heart disease. The transdermal patch allows the patient to increase their blood levels of the hormone without these potentially dangerous side effects, so delivery method is a main concern for hormone treatments.

Perfectly suited for the human body

There is simply no way to deviate from the identical chemical structure of a hormone without causing a difference in how the body responds to it. Standard hormone replacement therapy using commercial and non-natural hormones has been shown to be associated with some specific risks; in particular estrogen replacement therapy was shown to increase the risk of breast cancer, heart attacks, and stroke in several clinical studies.
The evidence suggests, however, that bioidentical hormones are much more tolerable to the body and may not result in the same risks that are associated with conventional hormone treatments. It is a promising area of research that is gaining more and more attention as patients become more aware of the benefits of natural hormones.

The safety of bioidentical hormones, their effects, and potential disease risks associated with them are still being studied to try to determine their specific benefits and risks if there are any. Those who need hormone treatments in the meantime may strongly consider using them as opposed to commercial treatments based on some of the preliminary clinical and anecdotal evidence that suggests that they are safer and more effective.

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The HCG Diet Food List in Detail

hcg diet foodThe human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) diet has a very specific list of foods that must be used when preparing meals, and the first HCG diet food list was described by Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons in “Pounds and Inches” in 1954. These foods were selected by Dr. Simeons based on their ability to assist with weight loss and not cause any interference with the hormone.

The list was also selected based on a maximum daily limit of 500 calories, and many of the foods on the list are low in calories compared to their serving size. Most of the allowable foods are fruits and vegetables but there is also a large list of low fat protein choices. Carbohydrates are limited to two options: Grissini breadsticks or Melba toasts, both of which are low in calories per serving.

The HCG diet food list limits fruits and vegetables to two servings per day

Several vegetables and a few fruits are allowed, but servings are limited to two per day. The

servings can be eaten throughout the day rather than at two meals, and the servings can also be split up into smaller portions if necessary. However, they cannot be mixed, for instance two vegetables cannot be mixed in one meal; they have to be eaten at separate meals.

Although vegetables and fruits cannot be mixed on the diet, there are a wide range of allowed vegetables. Fruits are limited to low glycemic index choices that won’t interfere with the weight loss on the diet, and so there are a smaller number of allowed fruits.

Low fat protein is allowed on the list

The list also includes low fat protein choices such as several types of white fish, lobster, crab, several types of red meat including cube steak, very lean beef, sirloin tip steak, bison, chicken breast, and veal. The protein choices are all low fat in order to avoid any problems with HCG hormone interference, since the hormone specifically targets abnormal fat and can be affected by dietary fat intake.

Depending on the HCG protocol other proteins may be allowed, but the most effective diet suse the recommendations of Dr. Simeons. As with the other foods on the diet, the protein choices are limited but there are plenty of options for just a three week or six week period.

The food list is only for Phase 2

The shorter list is only for the very low calorie diet of Phase 2; once the very low calorie diet has been completed many of the restrictions are lifted. For Phase 3 most fruits, vegetables and protein choices are allowed, so there is technically no specific list for this phase. Also, HCG injections are not used during Phase 3 so there are no concerns of interactions with the hormone.

However, during Phase 3 fruits and vegetables that are high in starch or sugar are avoided, and likewise grains and foods with refined sugar are still avoided. So although there are fewer restrictions, there are some foods that are excluded from Phase 3 based on their glycemic index or sugar content.

The list of allowed foods will vary from one provider to another

With several HCG protocols being published by different providers, there are several different lists that you might encounter online. Any diet that is not based on the Dr. Simeons protocol is not likely to be accurate, so you should only purchase injections or any HCG products from a provider that uses Dr. Simeons’ recommendations.

Dr. Simeons only allows foods that are well-researched and known to not interfere with the function of the hormone. You should also only purchase HCG from a provider that requires a prescription and has medical professionals available to consult with you about the diet’s requirements and answer your questions.

Check out the authority on the HCG Diet Protocol and food list at this link.

Useful Ways To Avoid Smoking



Smoking is dangerous not only for your health but also for the people living with you. It can leads to various kinds of health problems, which further can lead to death. So, it is very essential not to smoke and in any case if you are smoke addicted then it’s time to avoid it. Doesn’t matter you are smoking for years or have just started, if you have decided to quit it, you can do that in every possible way. Remember that it’s a good decision to stay healthy and live a long life. Here are the steps, by which you can avoid your habit of smoking.

Say No to Smoking

The most important thing while quit smoking is to stay determined. You have to remember that you are going to quit this habit and no matter how tempted you are, you are going to smoke. This is the will power that you should have when you are going to quit your habit of smoking. It may be little difficult at the start, but to understand the condition better, you can get help from an adult. Always keep one thing in your mind that it’s for your health and you are not going to compromises for it.

Stay Away From Cigarette

There may several friends or family members of you who smoke, so you have to stay away from them. If they will not be with your while smoking, you will not have reason to smoke. It’s not about ruining your relationship with them, if they are smoking in front of you, you can gently ask them to leave the place till they are smoking. Apart from that, you can go outside for some minutes. It will not tempt you to smoke.

Research the Various Methods to Quit Smoking

You have to keep this thing in your mind that smoking is not just a bad habit, but a cause that can further lead to death.

Apart from that, it becomes the reason of cancer, breath problems and several other dangerous diseases. In technology friendly world, there is lots of help available on internet that can teach you the various methods to quit smoking. You can read them and can also apply them in your goal.

Distract Your Mind with Other Activities

The best way to quit a habit is by not thinking about that. If you have decided to quit your bad habit, you have not to think about that. You can distract your mind by engaging in various kinds of activities. You can take part in any kind of sport. In this way, you will not have time to think about smoking.

Get a Good Support System

Tell the people about your decision of quitting smoking. In this way, you will get positive motivation from them and you will get power to reach your goal with positive attitude. It’s like a good support system to leave a bad habit and take a step towards a healthy lifestyle.

Joyful Diet To Live Happy and Healthy


Food plays a very vital role in our lives. Actually, like water and air, food is also an important element to live. But to stay healthy and live a long life, it is important to add healthy food in your diet plan. The food should be according to your present health and daily routine. Taking unhealthy food can be dangerous for your healthy life. The diet should be in a manner that it may provide you the much needed calories and nutrition. There are several kinds of foods that can boost your health as well as mood. Here is the diet food plan to follow. This can help you to lead a happy and blissful life.

What to take in breakfast?

Breakfast is a meal that you should never skip. All the much required nutrients come from this first meal of the day. The diet must have healthy foods that can fulfil your requirement of all day calories. Apart from that, it gives to the energy to do your daily task easily and effectively. Nutty Cinnamon Quinoa with Blackberries is a perfect food for breakfast. This food has all the nutrients that a meal should have. Quinoa is pretty rich in hunger frightening protein. The vitamin D in the milk can be helpful in happy in hormone serotonin. There are various websites that offer you the recipe of this healthy meal.

What To Eat In Lunch?

This is the time, when a person enjoys his food a lot. You can eat various kinds of delicious foods at this time. But to stay happy and healthy, you must add healthy foods. Navy bean salad and lemon salmon would be the perfect meal for lunch. In recent studies, it is found that salmon has that Omega 3s and serotonin-boosting vitamin B6, which offer you the essential protein and nutrients. Apart from that, navy beans are good in magnesium that helps in banishing PMS-related blues. Added to that, you can add lemon juice and red peppers in order to get vitamin C, which is helpful in repairing the brain cells.

What To Eat In Dinner?

You can add heavy food in your dinner meal. You should not add foods that may decrease your health or may be cause of several illnesses. The perfect diet in the dinner is light foods. Shrimp, saffron and chickpea paella would be great foods to add in night diet. Where saffron is helpful in alleviating depression, Chickpea paella has the mood lifting features. On the other side, Shrimp is a very great source of vitamin B6. Apart from these foods, you can add brown rice in your night diet plan because the dish is helpful in boasting magnesium.

These are some of the foods that you can add in your diet plan to boast your mood and health. These foods will not only tantalize your tooth, but also allow you to get a change in your diet plan. Add these dishes and enjoy your life.

Why You Should Stay Fit?



At today’s time, the name fitness is among the ones, which is more and more becoming misconstrued. We all relate fitness by getting a good toned body, where we have good looking abs and arcs within in the right and desired places. Staying fit is different from getting abs on the body. It is about staying active and disease-free. Though, it is more important to stay fit in spite of having toned body. A person who is physically and mentally fit known as completely fit.

If you are aimed to be fit, you have to follow a well planned routine. The regular schedule may give compliment to you physical fitness or mental

fitness. There are several people around the world, who think that the athletes are the fit individuals in the world, but it’s not necessary. A weightlifter may have enough power, but he will surely lack in flexibility. A fit body means: strength, power, flexibility, balance and ability. All the components are essential to make a person overall well-being.

Here is the importance of Fitness:

What is the importance of fitness? Why one should try to stay fit every time? Here is the answer of all the questions.


in strength, energy and stamina

: A fit body always has great energy, good stamina and great strength but why do one need all these things? These major three apparatus may help you to handle the everyday actions with lots of

ease. Imagine about it, you may need energy, stamina and strength to climb the stairs, carry your things and even take groceries. Several people do not have the much needed strength, which is because they cleanly do not engage themselves in exercises. A study on middle-aged ladies found that carrying some amount of weight made them more active than the women who do not carry any amount of weight.

Benefits to Health: An inactive lifestyle appears with foremost risks like various kinds of heart diseases, which are the principal reason of several deaths around the world. Recent studies have shown

that fitness can really aid in dropping jeopardises of the subsequent situations: stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, breast cancer, osteoporosis, depression and type 2 diabetes.

Keeps Body Appearing Great: Currently, this is foremost reason why several people around the globe prefer work out. If you are looking to lose weight without being healthy, you will surely end up losing power with the fat of your body. It not only slows down the metabolism of the body, but also makes you even weaker and reduces the superiority of your life as you may be able to manage fewer tasks. Diet and great exercises are essential as they make your centre components yet leave you looking great.

These are some of the benefits of staying fit. In order to look good and get a healthy and long life, it is important to stay physically and mentally fit all the time. Remember, being fit doesn’t mean staying fit with body but overall.

How Green Tea Is Helpful In Preventing Cancer?

Black iron asian teapot with sprigs of mint for tea

Several health experts around the world have discovered the promising profits of green tea. Drinking green tea boosts the immune system of human body and prevents an individual from various kinds of chronic diseases. Numerous health studies that are done on green tea, though, have been capable but not decisive. But today, the experts of the arena and doctors have better recognized, at a cellular point, how the tea can avert the increase of prostate and breast cancers.

Chemicals in this tea are known as polyphenols, which emerge to restrain two proteins that endorse tumour cell growth and relocation ad migration specifically, the vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and the hepatocyte growth factor (HGF).Prostate cancer is a characteristically slow rising cancer. From a healthy diet to right time, several things matter while fighting with the disease.

The use of green tea are many and haul outs of the tea’s leaves for various stomach problems, diarrhea, vomiting, blood pressure, decrease tooth decay, level of cholesterol, and obstruction of the blood vessels of the heart, which may lead to a heart attack or various other heart diseases. Green tea is also helpful in preventing and removing several bacterial infections. In the past several years, a number of researchers have recommended that green tea is one of the most effective ingredients in cancer prevention. These assert are being studied.

Green tea is very beneficial and convenient when it comes about fighting with prostate cancer. Several researches of early day have proved that green tea is helpful in slowing down the prostate cancer. A recent Italian study has shown that guys who had a forerunner to prostate cancer and took green tea as drink were fewer to get the prostate cancer.

Apart from prostate cancer, green tea is also helpful in dealing with breast cancer. Several recent researchers have helped to find out that a dig out from this green tea, Polyphenon E, can aid in inhibiting breast cancer by moving stuffs called growth factors. These growth factors are concerned in the signs that inform breast cancer to rise.

The emblematic quantity of this green tea taken differs extensively, and it is still not obvious that how much may be required for valuable effects. But several people around the globe consume three or more cups every day. The people of Asian countries are ahead in the race. The kind of tea is regularly prepared by using one or two teaspoons of the dry tea in a medium cup of a hot water that is then sheered for next three to fifteen minutes. There are several companies, which deal in the business of green tea.

Apart from liquid, the green tea also comes in the form of capsules. The experts suggest three capsules in a day to the people who are aiding them with green tea or consuming the tea regularly. The dosage can vary depending on the person and his habits to take green tea.